Victoria’s Secret Gorgeous Bra Strap Tutorial

Posted on April 18, 2011


When working with my clients at Victoria’s Secret, if I find a woman who loves this bra, I try to ensure that she goes home with the whole strap tutorial, so she knows how to wear her gorgeous bra to its fullest potential. Unfortunately, I am not always there to assist my customers with this, and not all bra specialists do this for their clients, so I am creating this to reach out to those customers who did not receive such tutorial.

I have also noticed that my blog post about the Gorgeous Bra has been referred to people who have searched for a strap tutorial through what I’m sure is or something along those lines. Sorry it took me so long to notice this, but now I will provide you with a how-to blog on how to master these straps!

So, obviously the questions that you are asking probably revolve around the halter strap as well as the all new low-back feature.

So, here is the gorgeous bra. With your newly purchased bra, you will find that it comes with the straps placed in a classic style, with a small bag attached which holds the extended strap for the low-back feature and a mini strap which is used for the halter feature.

So first, I will show you how to do the halter feature. When the straps are in the classic feature, you will notice that you can unhook the straps from the middle to the band of the bra. Unhook both and remove them completely from the bra. You will see that the bra will then look like the first picture.

Next, attach the small strap (included in the mesh bag) to where the little adjusting piece is not touching your skin!

Once attached, your bra will look like this and is ready to wear!

Now, the one I’m sure everyone is anxious about- the low-back feature. Now that the gorgeous bra is the only bra offered in Victoria’s Secret with the low-back feature, it is something everyone is raving about for their new spring and summer outfits!

First, this is a feature that you have to do WHILE YOU ARE WEARING IT. I wouldn’t recommend hooking then putting on, because that could potentially stretch the band and things you naturally would not want it to do. I would recommend getting a friend who is able to help you if this is your first time.

First step is to unhook the bra in the band, just as you would if were you taking off your bra. Then get the extended strap, again, found in your mesh bag.

As you will see on the extended strap, there is a side with the hooks, and the other side has the slots to where it can be hooked. You don’t hook them together, obviously, but it looks like you could do that.

Next, you hook the hook side of the extended strap to the slot side on the actual bra, just as if you were closing your bra.

Once attached, wrap the extended strap across your back and around your stomach, then attach the other end of the strap to the other side of the bra. Once done, it will look like this:

You can combine the halter feature with the low back, or leave the straps classic, but hopefully these tutorials gave you a better understanding of your new bra!

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